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jazz Ahmad Jamal at Vienne Jazz à Vienne 2011

Jazz à Vienne 2011

Ahmad Jamal at Vienne Jazz à Vienne 2011


The formidable Ahmad Jamal takes to the stage for the 2011 Jazz à Vienne Festival, in France. Jamal’s mastery of the piano, a culmination of over half a century of experience and dedication, shines through in his improvisations, each solo taking the listener on a journey through his use of space and restraint. His outstanding technical ability allows the virtuoso to keep even the most sporadic phrases under control.

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  • Ahmad Jamal | Pianist
  • James Cammack | Double bassist
  • Manolo Badrena | Percussionist
  • Herlin Riley | Drummer


  • Ahmad Jamal, The Aftermath
  • Ahmad Jamal, In Search OF
  • Ahmad Jamal, Topsy Turvy
  • Randy Weston, Hi Fly
  • Ahmad Jamal, After Jalc
  • Sigidi Abdullah, One
  • Ahmad Jamal, Fitnah Fitnah
  • Ahmad Jamal, My Latin
  • Ahmad Jamal, Tranquility
  • Ahmad Jamal, Flight to Russia
  • Ahmad Jamal, Paris After Dark


  • Directed by:
    • Patrick Savey
  • Venue: Jazz à Vienne (Vienne, France)
  • Production date: 2011
  • Duration: 1 h 24 min
  • Production: © Zycopolis Productions
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