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jazz Aly Keita Trio in Zurich The Moods

The Moods

Aly Keita Trio in Zurich The Moods


Playing the mesmerizing balafon, Aly Keita, originally from the Ivory Coast, links up with Roberto Badoglio on electric bass, and Marcel van Cleef on the drums. Growing up in an extremely musical family, Keita has played with many greats, such as Pharoah Sanders, Omar Sosa and Paolo Fresu. With his impressive skills on the balafon in full display, the group explores the use of the instrument in a jazz fusion genre, with a set of original compositions. The group experiments with other forms of percussion as well, such as the kalimba and hand pan, and the virtuosic playing of Badoglio on the bass alongside these sounds is an unlikely, yet beautiful combination.


  • Aly Keita | Balafon
  • Marcel van Cleef | Drummer
  • Roberto Badoglio | Bass guitarist


  • Aly Keita, Hommage
  • Aly Keita, Adjame-Street
  • Aly Keita, Himizo
  • Aly Keita, Farafinko
  • Aly Keita, Dreams of Mikael
  • Marcel van Cleef, End of Summer
  • Aly Keita, Mago-Sobè
  • Aly Keita, Djafa-Nema
  • Aly Keita, Makuku
  • Aly Keita, Abidjan-Folie


  • Directed by:
    • Carine Zuber
  • Venue: The Moods (Zurich)
  • Production date: 2020
  • Duration: 1 h 27 min
  • Production: Auditorium Films
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