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jazz André Manoukian & Friends in Zurich The Moods

The Moods

André Manoukian & Friends in Zurich The Moods


French jazz pianist André Manoukian performs live at The Moods Jazz Club in Zurich. Proudly of Armenian descent, Manoukian enlists the help of Rostom Khachikian, playing the duduk, a traditional oboe-like instrument from his homeland. Joining Manoukian and Khachikian is the tabla master Mosin Kawa, and the trio’s sound is a beautiful mix of the traditional Indian and Armenian instruments and musical styles. Manoukian’s playing is heavily influenced by traditional Armenian folk music, with beautiful, simple melodies and modal scalic runs. The sound of the duduk is almost hypnotizing, and Khachikian plays with such patience and care, creating beautiful melodies that float on top of the piano and tabla. Composed entirely of Manoukian’s original works, this set is a shining example of multiple traditional musics coming together in perfect harmony.


  • André Manoukian | Pianist
  • Rostom Khachikian | Duduk
  • Mosin Kawa | Tabla


  • André Manoukian, Partizan
  • André Manoukian, Marathon Monk
  • André Manoukian, Inkala
  • André Manoukian, Elektrik Derviche
  • André Manoukian, Fenêtre d'Orient
  • André Manoukian, Anaid
  • André Manoukian, Apatride
  • André Manoukian, Kele Kele
  • André Manoukian, Danse du Sable


  • Directed by:
    • Claudio Cappellari
  • Venue: The Moods (Zurich)
  • Production date: 2018
  • Duration: 59 min
  • Production: Auditorium Films
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