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jazz Billy Cobham in Monaco Monte Carlo Jazz Festival 2023

Monte Carlo Jazz Festival 2023

Billy Cobham in Monaco Monte Carlo Jazz Festival 2023


One of the greatest drummers in the world lit up the Monte Carlo Jazz Festival in 2023, and you can relive every moment here as Billy Cobham, known for his album Spectrum and his unique blend of jazz, progressive rock and funk, takes the stage with Gary Husband, Rocco Zifarelli, and Christian Gálvez.

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  • Billy Cobham | Drummer
  • Gary Husband | Pianist
  • Christian Gálvez | Bass guitarist
  • Rocco Zifarelli | Guitarist


  • Billy Cobham, Crosswinds
  • Billy Cobham, Dessicated Coconuts
  • Billy Cobham, Paseo del Mar
  • Billy Cobham, Savannah the Serene
  • Billy Cobham, Drum Solo
  • Billy Cobham, Stratus
  • Billy Cobham, Quadrant 4
  • Billy Cobham, In search


  • Venue: Monte Carlo Opera (Monte Carlo, Monaco)
  • Production date: 2023
  • Duration: 54 min
  • Production: © Mezzo TV / Paramax Films / Borealia Films
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