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jazz GoGo Penguin's "Everything Is Going To Be OK" Tour in Paris Jazz à la Villette 2023

Jazz à la Villette 2023

GoGo Penguin's "Everything Is Going To Be OK" Tour in Paris Jazz à la Villette 2023


Experience a supercharged, British-accented concert from the 2023 edition of Jazz à La Villette in Paris! The evening celebrates the post-COVID return of Manchester-based group GoGo Penguin, rising from the proverbial ashes after a tumultuous period that ultimately led to their hit album Everything Is Going To Be OK, performed by pianist Chris Illingwort, bassist Nick Blacka, and drummer Jon Scott, a new addition to the trio. The many reasons for GoGo Penguin's sterling reputation as a leader in English jazz are immediately apparent: ethereal, catchy melodies; intense crescendos and driving motifs; and an irresistible array of influences, from nu jazz and Philip Glass to the late, great Esbjörn Svensson…

Photo © Emily Dennison


  • GoGo Penguin
  • Chris Illingworth | Pianist
  • Nick Blacka | Double bassist
  • Jon Scott | Drummer


  • GoGo Penguin, An Unbroken Thread of Awareness
  • GoGo Penguin, We May Not Stay
  • GoGo Penguin, Bardo
  • GoGo Penguin, Wave Decay
  • GoGo Penguin, Signal in the Noise
  • GoGo Penguin, Friday Film Special
  • GoGo Penguin, Break
  • GoGo Penguin, Everything Is Going To Be OK
  • GoGo Penguin, Ascent
  • GoGo Penguin, Last Breath
  • GoGo Penguin, Murmuration
  • GoGo Penguin, Transient State
  • GoGo Penguin, Hopopono
  • GoGo Penguin, Parasite
  • GoGo Penguin, You're Stronger Than You Think
  • GoGo Penguin, Protest


  • Venue: Grande Halle de la Villette (Paris, France)
  • Production date: 2023
  • Duration: 1 h 19 min
  • Production: © Oléo
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