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jazz Raúl Midón Trio Live in Singapore Sing Jazz Festival 2017

Sing Jazz Festival 2017

Raúl Midón Trio Live in Singapore Sing Jazz Festival 2017


With a voice as versatile and expressive as the guitar he plays (and the trumpets he imitates so well), Raul Midón is the kind of artist whose music stays with you long after his set finishes. His playing style has an urgent flamenco flair, an ingredient stemming from his descent (his father was an Argentine folkloric dancer), but we soon see how unrestricted Midón is when it comes to genres and categorization … rock, jazz, folk, Latin pop and a whole lot more go into his particular blend. 

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  • Raul Midón | Bandleader , Guitarist, Singer
  • Romeir Mendez | Double bassist
  • Billy Williams | Drummer
  • Amos Rozenberg | Movie director


  • Raul Midón, Pedal to the Metal
  • Raul Midón, Sound Shadow
  • Raul Midón, Bad Ass And Blind
  • Raul Midón, You and I
  • Raul Midón, Sunshine (I Can Fly)
  • Raul Midón, Listen to the Rain
  • Raul Midón, Wings of Mind
  • Raul Midón, If Only
  • Raul Midón, State of Mind


  • Venue: Sing Jazz Festival (Singapore, Singapore)
  • Production date: 2017
  • Recording date: 2017
  • Duration: 48 min
  • Production: © Paramax
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