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concert Jakub Hrůša conducts Wagner, Brahms, and Schumann — With Lukáš Vondráček Bamberg Symphony

Bamberg Symphony

Jakub Hrůša conducts Wagner, Brahms, and Schumann — With Lukáš Vondráček Bamberg Symphony


Czech maestro Jakub Hrůša's celebrated tenure with the Bamberg Symphony, of which he has served as Chief Conductor since 2016, continues in a cannily designed program full of grand Romantic emotion. With two of Wagner's most sublimely beautiful operatic introductions as bookends (the ethereal strings of the Prelude to Lohengrin, and the soul-warming winds of the Tannhaüser Overture), the world-class orchestra performs Brahms's Third Symphony, which begins with a musical quotation of his motto frei aber froh ("free but happy") and alludes both to Tannhaüser and to the Third Symphony by Robert Schumann—whose strikingly unique, profoundly passionate Piano Concerto is performed here by Hrůša's compatriot Lukáš Vondráček, the winner of the 2016 Queen Elisabeth Competition who has been praised for his "astonishing delicacy" (The Washington Post).

Photo © Andreas Herzau


  • Lukáš Vondráček | Pianist


  • Richard Wagner, Lohengrin, WWV 75
    • I: Prelude
  • Johannes Brahms, Symphony No. 3 in F Major, Op. 90
    • 1. Allegro con brio
    • 2. Andante
    • 3. Poco allegretto
    • 4. Allegro
  • Robert Schumann, Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54
    • 1. Allegro affetuoso
    • 2. Intermezzo (Andantino grazioso)
    • 3. Allegro vivace
  • Robert Schumann, Arabesque, Op. 18
  • Richard Wagner, Tannhäuser, WWV 70
    • Overture
  • Johannes Brahms, Hungarian Dances
    • No. 18 in D major
    • No. 21 in E minor


  • Venue: Bamberg Konzerthalle (Bamberg, Germany)
  • Broadcast date: April 14, 2024, 5 p.m.
  • Production date: 2024
  • Replay available until: July 14, 2034
  • Duration: 1 h 57 min
  • Production: © Bamberg Symphony / medici.tv
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