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opera Thomas Adès's The Exterminating Angel Calixto Bieito (stage director), Thomas Adès (conductor) — With Jacquelyn Stucker (Lucia), Nicky Spence (Edmundo), Gloria Tronel (Leticia), Anthony Roth Costanzo (Francisco) …

Calixto Bieito (stage director), Thomas Adès (conductor) — With Jacquelyn Stucker (Lucia), Nicky Spence (Edmundo), Gloria Tronel (Leticia), Anthony Roth Costanzo (Francisco) …

Thomas Adès's The Exterminating Angel Calixto Bieito (stage director), Thomas Adès (conductor) — With Jacquelyn Stucker (Lucia), Nicky Spence (Edmundo), Gloria Tronel (Leticia), Anthony Roth Costanzo (Francisco) …


Certain scenes contain content of a violent or sexual nature that some viewers may find objectionable.

"If you see one opera this year," wrote Anthony Tommasini of The New York Times in 2017, "make it The Exterminating Angel." Following that year's production at New York's Metropolitan Opera, which made headlines for the record-breaking high A sung by Audrey Luna in the role of Leticia, Thomas Adès's extraordinary opera has arrived across the Atlantic for its French premiere at the Paris Opera, conducted by Adès himself and staged by the provocative Calixto Bieito. A brand-new cast of vocal superstars is ready to inhabit the heightened mix of drama, horror, and comedy that made Luis Buñuel's 1962 masterpiece one of the most memorable of all surrealist films…

The aristocratic Lucia and Edmundo de Nobile (Jacquelyn Stucker and Nicky Spence) are hosting a post-opera dinner party where singer Leticia Meynar (Gloria Tronel) will be the guest of honor. But after the servants run off, the wealthy guests find themselves inexplicably unable to leave the house—and the claustrophobic, existentially fraught circumstances will expose the savage reality beneath their refined façades…

Photo © Agathe Poupeney / Opéra national de Paris


  • Calixto Bieito | Stage director
  • Anna-Sofia Kirsch | Set designer
  • Ingo Krügler | Costume designer
  • Reinhard Traub | Lighting designer
  • Bettina Auer | Dramaturgy
  • Jacquelyn Stucker | Lucia de Nobile
  • Gloria Tronel | Leticia Meynar
  • Hilary Summers | Leonora Palma
  • Claudia Boyle | Silvia de Avila
  • Christine Rice | Blanca Delgado
  • Amina Edris | Beatriz
  • Nicky Spence | Edmundo de Nobile
  • Frédéric Antoun | Count Raúl Yebenes
  • Jarrett Ott | Colonel Álvaro Gómez
  • Anthony Roth Costanzo | Francisco de Avila
  • Filipe Manu | Eduardo
  • Philippe Sly | Señor Russel
  • Paul Gay | Alberto Roc
  • Clive Bayley | Doctor Carlos Conde
  • Thomas Faulkner | Julio (butler)
  • Julien Henric | Lucas (footman)
  • Nicholas Jones | Enrique (waiter)
  • Andres Cascante | Pablo (cook)
  • Ilanah Lobel-Torres | Meni (maid)
  • Bethany Horak-Hallett | Camila (maid)
  • Régis Mengus | Padre Sansón
  • Arthur Harmonic (Maîtrise des Hauts-de-Seine) | Yoli


  • Thomas Adès, The Exterminating Angel
    • Prologue
    • I: "You! Where d'you think you're going?"
    • I: "Camila, what do we do?"
    • I: "Ya ha ha ha ha ha"
    • I: "They’re here!"
    • I: "How strange! Lucas"
    • I: "No, I’ve never tasted it"
    • I: Ragoût Aria: “My friends, you must all forgive me”
    • I: "Here it is!"
    • I: "I’m just in time!"
    • I: "What was that?"
    • I: "What’s your name?"
    • I: "Tonight I feel marvellous"
    • I: "Francisco!"
    • I: "Brava Blanca"
    • I: "Why is nobody leaving"
    • I: "That went well, despite…"
    • I: "Our first night together"
    • Interlude
    • II: "What the hell is happening?"
    • II: "How did you sleep, Leonora?"
    • II: "Gentlemen, quickly!"
    • II: Spoons Aria: "Forgive me, Lucía"
    • II: "But first, would any of the gentlemen"
    • II: "The butler’s strange resistance"
    • Interlude
    • II: "Over the sea"
    • II: "There is a seriously ill man in the room!"
    • II: "We are lost"
    • II: "We must remain completely calm"
    • II: "Silence! I have an idea"
    • II: "I am happy…"
    • II: "I don’t want to die here"
    • II: "¡Consummatum est!"
    • II: "This is where the ocean ends"
    • III: "What can we do?"
    • III: "Water! Water!"
    • III: Obsessive Compulsive Ballet
    • III: "I can’t stand it anymore"
    • III: "I think they watch us from time to time"
    • III: "Leonora! My hand!"
    • III: "What is today?"
    • III: "Aah! Don’t touch me!"
    • III: "Quiet as a tomb"
    • III: "Edmundo darling"
    • III: "It’s very late, Yoli"
    • III: "Witches incantation"
    • III: "Wait! Don’t move!"
    • III: Leticia’s Song: "Zion, do you ask of my peace"
    • III: The Exit
    • III: Solemn High Requiem: "Libera de morte aeternam"


  • Directed by:
    • François-René Martin
  • Venue: Opéra Bastille (Paris, France)
  • Production date: 2024
  • Duration: 1 h 59 min
  • Production: © Opéra national de Paris
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